Heidi Vierthaler

Heidi Vierthaler, Gyrotonic-trainer

My approach is a very organic and functional one, putting emphasis on the breath and the calming effect of being in the moment of the movement pathways.

Heidi Vierthaler, Gyrotonics, verschillende oefeningen

As a dancer, Heidi Vierthaler has worked with some of the most prominent dance companies and choreographers throughout Europe and the US. They include, Pacific NW Ballet, Tanzwerk Nurnberg, Ballet Dortmund, Gothenburg Opera TanzKompani, Ballet Frankfurt and The Forsythe Company.

She was first introduced to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® in 1990, and in 1995 began working with it more intensively after a car accident forced her to stop dancing for one year. Soon after she became a GYROTONIC® instructor alongside embarking on a rich dance career in Europe spanning over 20 years.

Her Stream-Flow method has been recognised as an effective somatic movement method that focuses on the individual, and her Amsterdam based foundation Hato Projects, is the breeding ground for it’s constant growth. Hato’s cross discipline collaborations with film and design together with it’s unique movement language, brings together a diverse public whilst embracing a new community.

Currently she teaches workshops and choreographs works for companies, festivals, and universities worldwide. These include, Cullberg Ballet, Compania Nacional de danza, Carte Blanche, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, , Het National Ballet, Random Dance Company, Modafe Festival Seoul, Soloist Festival Seoul, Kjung Hee University Seoul, Royal Swedish Ballet School, Codarts University, DAF Rome, Konservatorium Den Haag, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Palucca University Dresden, DOCH University Stockholm, Dansalliansen Sweden, Henny Jurriens Stichting Amsterdam, Dansgroep Amsterdam, Emio Grecco and Pieter Scholten Ick Amsterdam,Architanz Tokyo, Akbank Sanat Istanbul,International Dans Theater, Seattle Dance Project, amongst others.

GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® continuously influences my career as a dancer/choreographer and teacher, as much as my years in the professional dance world have influenced the way I approach GYROTONIC®.